3 Ideas To Keep Web Content Fresh

3 Ideas To Keep Web Content Fresh

3 Ways to keep fresh web content

We keep on hearing about how important it is to keep websites updated regularly. You say to yourself, “I would update my website, but what is there to update?“ Well, you are in the right place! We are going to look at 3 great sources of fresh web content. Let’s get started…

  1. Products & Services

    Products and services are an excellent source of website updates. Things like prices, product descriptions and other finer details go a long way in providing content for updates. Did you get a product in a new color? Have you discontinued a product? Have you expanded to a new geographic area? These are all things that are constantly changing and will keep your site active and updated. Just keep that information current and your site content will evolve, providing you with opportunities for regular updates.

  1. Achievements & Milestones

    Achievements and milestones are a constant in business. Can you announce that you served your 1000th customer? Can you post new images of your work on your website? Remember, achievements happen frequently and documenting them will be an easy source of website updates. Just look for opportunities and you will see them right in front.

  1. Promotional Items

    If you have 12 products, 12 services or a combination of the two, you have enough sources to provide fresh content over an entire year. Just take a product, write an article about it, explain the problem that it solves, showcase a success story or announce a promotional price. Announcing the beginning of a promotion as well as the end can also be an added bonus.


Be frequent and consistent with your website updates. By doing this, the search engines and site visitors will always have a reason to visit your website and increase engagement.