seo titles

SEO is one of those things that we all need in our life. Why do we say this? Well, keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is for the benefit of a computer.  They are computers that scan and read all websites online then create vast databases of the content that they found.  When they put the content online and allow you to search it, you get a search engine.  The resulting search engines are where we get Google, Yahoo, Bing and other online search tools.

The search engines look for links, site traffic and key word which result in rank. Other factors are important too like the page code, descriptions and meta tags. Once everything is read, gathered and stored, it is then turned into valuable data.

The search engines then analyze all of this data to determine what will be relevant to the public that is searching.  This step is the step that can make or break you.  Did you provide the things that the search engine wants in a way that the search engine wanted it for the people that may search for your content?  That was a long sentence, but that in a nutshell is what SEO is all about.

Our SEO services are VERY valuable to anybody that needs their website to perform online.  This is done by opening the vault on your competitor’s website seo, your strengths, your weaknesses and a roadmap to follow to improve.  There is a process that we follow and give you MEASURABLE results. Check out a full list of our SEO services below

SEO Website Audit

We examine your website and gather metrics that we can use the establish a baseline.  We can see your website visitor numbers, how they found you and what your website is currently ranking for.  Taken into account are strengths and weaknesses, where we magnify the strengths of your website and build up the weaknesses. This leads to the weaknesses being eliminated and stronger seo perfomance.

Competitor Ranking & Analysis

This is by far our most popular service.  We examine your competitor’s websites and website performance.  Website traffic is monitored for keywords and how their customers are finding them.  We then in turn make that happen for you.

Keyword Research

Believe it or not, your main point on your website pages can be summed up in just a few words. Not the words that you would use to describe you, but words that the public would use to describe your service.  That is what keyword research is all about and that is what you will be getting with our keyword research.

Social Signals

Slowly but surely the big search engines are using the social realm to determine website validity.  This means that your social presence does impact your website’s seo. Social presence can be determined by things like inbound links, outbound links, social profiles, forums and more. We work with you to establish these social indicators in ways that will provide positive results and growth to your website’s seo. There is also a Social Media Management component to this service that can be requested as a stand alone service.  Let us know and we will help you out.

Website Code

Onsite seo involves the actual coding that makes your website pages work.  In that coding can lie some of the detrimental coding patterns that can hinder your seo growth.  While this portion of seo is not seen, it is felt in the seo rankings. Our website services always focus on seo. Even though the code isn’t seen by human eyes it is all that the search engines can see and that makes this area of onsite seo so important.