The Modern Shopper

The Modern Shopper

What does the modern shopper look like?  Are they in the shopping malls?  Are they in the big box grocery stores?  Well, the answers to those questions are yes, but they are some where else.  “Where?” you may ask, well try this on for size.  Take a look at the lady in theimage. What is she doing? What is she looking at?  This my friend is a Modern Shopper. The modern shoppers aren’t (for the most part) in the stores browsing the shelves and walking up and down long aisles. They aren’t walking from one end of the mall to the other pushing and shoving dodging sales people on the way. Instead, they are in places that often aren’t associated with shopping. They are sitting at a desk at work, they are on mobile devices while waiting on take-out or maybe lounging around at home in the middle of the night. The modern shopper is ONLINE.

Questions to help you to target the modern shopper:

  • If the model in the picture was on my site, How long would she stay on it?
  • What is she shopping for?
  • How did she arrive at that site?

Start now to position your business to sell online.  It’s the only way to get a piece of the eCommerce pie and to remain relevant as we move deeper into the digital economy…