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Why you need a logo

Logos do several things for your business.

  1. Businesses don’t have faces, but if they did, it would be the logo. Everywhere your business is, your logo will be. Through a professionally designed logo it is made clear that you take presentation seriously.
  2. For the customer, buying decisions are contributed to the look and feel of your business. Presentation alone is often the first step in making a buying decision. The look and feel of a business is conveyed through the logo.
  3. Your logo brings constancy to your business literature. This includes your website, social media profile and business stationery. A constantly seen logo is a recognized logo. Customers do business with brands that they know. 
  4. Logos help the customer to instantly know the context of the message.  Each time they see it, they become more comfortable with the organization that it represents.

Our Experience

Our logo design service has been utilized in numberous industries. As a result, our work is regularly seen throughout Central Virginia. Some industries include health care, real estate, construction and retail. Our work spans from Richmond, Chesterfield, Petersburg and other areas. We have serviced various business types like sole proprietorships and corporations in addition to non-profit.

Our Logo Design Service

We understand the importance of a logo design. We always give our best in design services. Our process is not demanding on the client while providing excellent results. Ideas and visions are translated into a work of art that not only identifies you, but also gives your business a beautiful representation to be proud of.

Our Process

A project manager will be assigned to guide you through the process.
The project manager will work with our team of dedicated, talented designers and artists that will contribute to your logo design.
Changes and concepts will be presented to you for review and approval during  the process.
The  final design will be approved by YOU.
As a result, we close the project only when you are satisfied.