You’re gonna like your website!

You’re gonna like your website!

Being web masters, we are often asked the question, “What if I don’t like it?”.  We have 4 words for you.  You’re gonna like it!  To be sure that you’re gonna like your website, there are a few things that we do to ensure that you are going to like it:

  1. Reason: You’re gonna like telling us what you want/don’t want

    a. We start out by asking you which websites you like. You are going to go surfing and find some that you like, some that caught your eye or a site that you want to “be like”. Everybody has a site that they want their business to grow up and be like one day. We had a client once that was starting a soccer training school and the only example that he liked “in the real world” was the site of a global soccer league. Yes, a global soccer league! Did we tell him, no that’s too big for you? Of course not. We got to work making his dream come true because that’s what he LIKED and of course… HE LIKED IT you’re gonna like too!

  2. Reason: You Are Involved (you’re gonna like it)

    a. You are involved in the process and we don’t do any development until you have approved the current phase. What are phases? Well, WE (our staff and you) determine the colors, site map, menu options, pages and things of that nature. Before a single line of code is written, you can almost navigate your website just like navigating a shopping mall. That is, this menu leads to that, this icon takes you here, this area of the website is for that, so on and so forth. Our clients often see a design that they like or they have a particular set of goals for the website. Those goals influence which way we go as well and with the client’s collaboration, we meet those goals and guess what… THEY LIKE IT and you’re gonna like it too!

  3. Reason: Our Communication (you’re gonna like it)

    a. Our turn around time is pretty quick and our communication is outstanding! You aren’t left drowning in a sea of silence, wondering what’s going on with your website. We tell you what is going on. You will be getting calls or emails from the office frequently. You know what else? When our clients call and email us WE ANSWER and of course, THEY LIKE THAT!

So why are we so sure that you are going to like working with us? Because you will be the one that makes it fly. We bring the technical know-how, the proper tools for the job and the experts. You just bring your desire to be online and to work with a team of competent professionals and it’s a win for everyone. What is there not to LIKE?