Any Number of Opportunities

Any Number of Opportunities

There are times when it can seem that nobody is interested, all of the good opportunity is gone or they don’t want your product… NOT TRUE!


and counting, is the Virginia population.  If we haven’t spoken to 8 million people in VA then who are we to say that it isn’t worth it? If you get to 8 million no’s then you have 49 other states just like it. Websites cross those #boundaries and make the contacts a lot easier to get.


and counting, is the U.S. population. Until you hit all 50 states, you can’t even start thinking that you have scratched the surface. You can cold call until you are blue in the face and opportunity will overtake you long before you can even put a dent in that number. There are some websites that see this many numbers every months!


countries on the earth. If you gain access to all 50 states and everyone is still saying no then you have 195 other countries to try your luck. Some of the world’s most successful companies have websites in multiple countries and multiple languages. Just look at the makers of Pepsi Cola for an example.  While you are at a it, take a look at the Kraft Heinz Company.   If a massive company like Pepsi can see the need to compete globally, it may be the reason that they are surviving… because the get out there.


is the number of people globally. Again, before you can even hit 1 percent, you WILL be overtaken by opportunity until you am turning people
away! According to Statista, Amazon got abut 188 million visitors per month! That’s a far cry from 8 billion people, but they aren’t complaining.

So do you get it now? If used correctly, the internet does provide unlimited potential. Start out small by getting your current customer base to consistently visit your website and make that a part of your business model. In no time, you will see the growth as you use this often under-utilized resource.


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