4 Types of SEO Equity

4 Types of SEO Equity

There are many more than 4 types of SEO equity, but we will only consider 4 in this article.

Like most processes, sciences and other worthy endeavors , SEO produces many indirect, favorable results that can easily be overlooked.  Those intangible benefits that aren’t so obvious is what we like to call SEO equity.

Most businesses, with a web presence, are relying on search engines to bring customers to them in one way or another.  If SEO is not a part of your advertising strategy then you are missing out on huge opportunities! See some of the benefits, or “equity” below:

  • Lasting Results
  • The Trust Factor
  • Exposure
  • Competitive Advantage

Lasting Results

The process to move your website from the umpteenth page of the search engine results to a higher rank, in our experience, will be around 6 months.  During this time frame, the work that will be done on your website won’t be for nothing. Creating valuable content combined with technical work done in the background is worth the time and investment. If it takes months to gain a favorable position then it can logically take months to lose that favorable position. (More on this later).  This is no way mean that the work is over with after one 6 month SEO stint, it means that you have figured out what works for YOUR website and you need to continue using that formula to maintain favorable results for YOU. That time that you put in, the knowledge you gained on your product and the authority you established during that process… that’s equity.

The Trust Factor

There is something to say about a higher ranking website domain on a search engine.  Say for instance someone meets you and you tell them about your business.  If you have done things correctly, then you at least have the branded angle.  This is when someone can search for your brand and there you are ranking at the top. It is for your brand, but you are still at the top which translates into trust in the eyes of the searcher. Yes, another intangible that comes through good SEO work, another equity!


In all marketing efforts, even if there isn’t a tangible return in sales, there is an increase of awareness.  You can’t make the perfect call everytime and get amazing results every single time, but with every SEO effort, the results will position you better than you were prior to the campaign. There is an equity that comes through brand recognition. You don’t have to go out and do a survey, but trust me, it’s there.

Competitive Advantage

Everything that is done toward the SEO of your website will take away from your competition.  It is a slow process where if you are behind, you begin to gain ranking and move up the search engine ladder.  If you are ahead of your competition, in the search results, then your efforts will continue to keep you ahead.  This conveys through market share & greater visibility.  This eventually leads to your website having multiple pages ranking under similar search results. For each page that you have that ranks well, your competitor does not.  Look at it this way, the top 20 results only have 20 spaces available and by you taking 1 or 2 space that leaves 18 for competitors to fight over.  The more pages that are claimed by a single website, the more that website owner controls the space. Dominating that space equals value and generated value equals equity.

In order take part in the great results and greater gains for your business, contact us.  We will audit your website and set you up with an SEO plan that you can start to use from day 1. We have successfully helped our SEO customers get greater success with measurable results and will do the same for you.