3 Reasons To Keep Your Website Software Updated

3 Reasons To Keep Your Website Software Updated

In 2017, WordPress updated its software versions over 20 times. That is nearly a new update every two to three weeks. There are various reasons for updates being released. Let’s look at 3 of the main reasons updates are released and why you should stay current on your web.

1. Security

This is the main reason to keep your website updated! Just as there were train robbers in the old west, there are cyber criminals in the tech world. Bad people are everywhere and if you are going to exist in the world, you have to address the things in it. Updating your web software can keep the bad guys away. Consider this…

Say your site is released on day 5 then 30 days later, news hits that a big cyber worm is making it’s way across the web, breaching the security of sites running the same content version that you are. This means that if that exploit finds it’s way to your website, it is just a matter of time until your security is breached. What comes along with a security breach? That depends on the intent of the cyber criminal compromising the security. They may be interested in stealing credit card data, copying your business’ customer list, doing malicious damage or a plethora of other. When that happens, an updated website will be less of a target than a website running older vulnerable version software.

2. Functionality

Millions of web sites use similar content management systems and over time, bugs and other exploits will be discovered. When an update comes out with updates addressing that bug, the fix is in the update. Update your site software and you get the fix. So many cases exist of websites being compromised because a well known exploit was discovered and they failed to update their systems before disaster found them.

3. Plug-Ins

Plug-ins also deserve a place on this. Why? Well, let’s look at them as entire software systems within themselves. As with any system, bugs are discovered, vulnerabilities are exploited, so on and so forth. Since plug-ins are so closely integrated with content management, the need to stay current on the updates are just as important.

We have considered 3 reasons to keep your website software updated. While there are so many more reasons to stay current, we find that the three mentioned here are more than enough to keep website owners motivated.

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