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Social media offers an excellent value for your online presence.  The current standard of interacting with your customer is greater than ever before.  It is currently expected that you be available for your customer and your prospects. Through various avenues such as Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others the possibilities are endless.

Small Business Packages

Our Social Media support packages offer excellent return on investment!  Your social media presence will receive ongoing support on a monthly basis.  Each week of each month, an online advertising campaign will be planned, presented then executed with your approval.  We will target your audience including gender, age range, interests and even your locality.  This is a great way to get noticed quickly and raise brand awareness.  Show the world that you are open for business!

Brand Consistency

We will design social profiles that will flow with your company’s brand.  The colors, images layout will compliment your website providing consistency for the public to recognize you.  Each social media network is different and that is where our services begin.  We know the differences and what is needed in order to get and keep your customers engaged. We follow best practices to help you gain followers, likes and impressions.  The more your customer sees you, the more they trust you.  The more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy.

For a fully customized social media presence online, HMG Data Services’ will provide this.  Contact Us to get started right away. Using social media is a powerful way to connect with the public on a personal level.