4 Strategies You Can Use When Choosing Your Next Domain Name

4 Strategies You Can Use When Choosing Your Next Domain Name

The domain. Some call it a domain name while others simply call it a domain, (we use both). A domain, is the name for your website that normally ends with extensions like .com, .net, .biz so on and so forth. As of this writing, there are over 700 extensions available for domains, but those extensions won’t be considered here. We will, however, consider four strategies for selecting and using a domain name for your website purposes. We will use a fictitious company name XYZ Widgets, whose top seller is “The Overall Widget. Let’s look at some strategies that you can use when selecting your domain name.

Strategy 1: www.-{XYZWidgets}-.com

Here the strategy is to the business name. It is basically the business name or the main portion of the business name followed by a domain extension. This is the most common domain naming convention and is normally a safe bet. The business name will be long standing, it will assist with impressions and easy to associate with the XZY Widget Company. This increases the chance that customers will remember how to reach them online and can be all inclusive for all of the companies online initatives.

Strategy 2: www.-{TheOverAllWidget}-.com

In this example, the company used their top selling item and based the domain off of that. This is common when a business is mostly known for one thing and the business wants to capitalize on that popularity and strongly identify with that product. This is also the idea when we see larger companies use ad campaigns and drive the public to a product site for further information instead of the main company site. Using this approach will lead to an organization having multiple websites all serving various facets of the business while increasing brand identity.

Strategy 3: www.-{BuyFromXYZWidgets}.com

Here we have a call to action. They are telling the public to buy their product every time their domain or website is mentioned. This is your two for one and a good way to have the public indirectly tell others to buy from you just by mentioning your domain name. This can also go a long way with impressions. Every time a user may read the domain name on a piece of ad copy, they are being instructed to buy, not just from anyone, but from you!

Strategy 4: www.{Widgets}.com

In this example XYZ Widgets captured an entire sector or industry by tying up the key word as the domain name. This can be a good strategy as well and is still being used today. There are many common words that are for sale because of the dominance that is offers.
Here we have considered just 4 of many available strategies when selecting a domain name. There can be much to think about when deciding which way to go, but don’t overthink it. A domain name is only as good as the advertising campaign and the product that goes along with it. If you have a domain name already then congratulations! If you do not have one then reserve one and make it work for you!