Customer Video: Online Strategy

In this 1 minute video we discuss online strategy. We have with us, Angela Jones, CEO of Envision One Family Services. Do to the volatility of the community that they serve, a message of comfort is always important. Consequently, they use their website in addition to social media to always provide encouraging messages. By utilizing our services, motivational messages are provided to the public frequently resulting in hundreds of positive impressions each week. They are providing an uplifting message for the community and remaining relevant on social media.

You’re gonna like your website!

you're gonna like it

Being web masters, we are often asked the question, "What if I don't like it?".  We have 4 words for you.  You're gonna like it!  To be sure that you're gonna like your website, there are a few things that we do to ensure that you are going to like it:

  1. Reason: You're gonna like telling us what you want/don't want

    a. We start out by asking you which websites you like. You are going to go surfing and find some that you like, some that caught your eye or a site that you want to "be like". Everybody has a site that they want their business to grow up and be like one day. We had a client once that was starting a soccer training school and the only example that he liked “in the real world” was the site of a global soccer league. Yes, a global soccer league! Did we tell him, no that's too big for you? Of course not. We got to work making his dream come true because that's what he LIKED and of course... HE LIKED IT you're gonna like too!

  2. Reason: You Are Involved (you're gonna like it)

    a. You are involved in the process and we don't do any development until you have approved the current phase. What are phases? Well, WE (our staff and you) determine the colors, site map, menu options, pages and things of that nature. Before a single line of code is written, you can almost navigate your website just like navigating a shopping mall. That is, this menu leads to that, this icon takes you here, this area of the website is for that, so on and so forth. Our clients often see a design that they like or they have a particular set of goals for the website. Those goals influence which way we go as well and with the client’s collaboration, we meet those goals and guess what... THEY LIKE IT and you're gonna like it too!

  3. Reason: Our Communication (you're gonna like it)

    a. Our turn around time is pretty quick and our communication is outstanding! You aren't left drowning in a sea of silence, wondering what's going on with your website. We tell you what is going on. You will be getting calls or emails from the office frequently. You know what else? When our clients call and email us WE ANSWER and of course, THEY LIKE THAT!

So why are we so sure that you are going to like working with us? Because you will be the one that makes it fly. We bring the technical know-how, the proper tools for the job and the experts. You just bring your desire to be online and to work with a team of competent professionals and it’s a win for everyone. What is there not to LIKE?

wordpress in water

3 Reasons To Keep Your Website Software Updated









In 2015, WordPress updated its software versions around 25 times. That is nearly a new update every other week. There are various reasons for updates being released. Let’s look at 3 of the main reasons updates are released and why you should stay current on your web.

1. Security

This is the main reason to keep your website updated! Just as there were train robbers in the old west, there are cyber criminals in the tech world. Bad people are everywhere and if you are going to exist in the world, you have to address the things in it. Updating your web software can keep the bad guys away. Consider this…

Say your site is released on day 5 then 30 days later, news hits that a big cyber worm is making it’s way across the web, breaching the security of sites running the same content version that you are. This means that if that exploit finds it’s way to your website, it is just a matter of time until your security is breached. What comes along with a security breach? That depends on the intent of the cyber criminal compromising the security. They may be interested in stealing credit card data, copying your business’ customer list, doing malicious damage or a plethora of other. When that happens, an updated website will be less of a target than a website running older vulnerable version software.

2. Functionality

Millions of web sites use similar content management systems and over time, bugs and other exploits will be discovered. When an update comes out with updates addressing that bug, the fix is in the update. Update your site software and you get the fix. So many cases exist of websites being compromised because a well known exploit was discovered and they failed to update their systems before disaster found them.

3. Plug-Ins

Plug-ins also deserve a place on this. Why? Well, let’s look at them as entire software systems within themselves. As with any system, bugs are discovered, vulnerabilities are exploited, so on and so forth. Since plug-ins are so closely integrated with content management, the need to stay current on the updates are just as important.

Here we have looked at 3 reasons to keep your website software. While there are so many more reasons to stay current, we find that the three mentioned here are more than enough to keep website owners motivated.

Follow this link for more articles about our web philosophy and other helpful tips and more…

social proof provided by people standing and waiting in line

Social Proof

Picture this… you are invited to two events being held nearby. Both events are scheduled to occur at the same time and both are appealing, but you can only attend one. Not able to make up your mind, you decide to drive pass both venues and take a look at each of them. What do you see?

Venue A: As you approach the venue, you see a long line of people waiting to get in, a full parking lot and the venue doors are wide open. A good time is being had by all and there is a lot of activity there.

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Opportunity In Numbers

Any Number of Opportunities

There are times when it can seem that nobody is interested, all of the good opportunity is gone or they don't want your product... these numbers will sober you very quickly.


and counting, is the Virginia population
If we haven't spoken to 8 million people in VA then who are we to say that it
isn't worth it? If you get to 8 million no's then you have 49 other states

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basketball for facebook

TITRW: Stephen Curry

One Saturday, the NBA world was watching as Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors put on a record performance. The final score was 121 to 118 with Golden State taking the win. Stephen Curry sank 12 record tying 3 pointers, one of which was fired from 32 feet out. The NBA world new that this was a historic game, but the NBA universe wasn't the only ones to notice. Who else noticed? Twitter. Yes, you read that correctly! Twitter also put up some serious numbers

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man needing fresh web content

3 Ideas To Keep Web Content Fresh

3 Ways to keep fresh web content

We keep on hearing about how important it is to keep websites updated regularly. You say to yourself, “I would update my website, but what is there to update?“ Well, you are in the right place! We are going to look at 3 great sources of fresh web content. Let’s get started…

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image of woman in bed shopping online. Example of the modern shopper

The Modern Shopper

What does the modern shopper look like?  Are they in the shopping malls?  Are they in the big box grocery stores?  Well, the answers to those questions are yes, but they are some where else.  "Where?" you may ask, well try this on for size.  Take a look at the lady in the

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fire fighters supporting each other

Put The Fire Out and Rebuild

Many people that we talk to have a story about someone, somewhere that was supposed to do their website, but for some reason didn’t finish it, didn’t get around to it or didn’t know what they were doing. After many months of hoping for a working website, the client only ends up

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