Social Proof

social proof provided by people standing and waiting in line

Picture this… you are invited to two events being held nearby. Both events are scheduled to occur at the same time and both are appealing, but you can only attend one. Not able to make up your mind, you decide to drive pass both venues and take a look at each of them. What do you see?

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TITRW: Stephen Curry


One Saturday, the NBA world was watching as Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors put on a record performance. The final score was 121 to 118 with Golden State taking the win. Stephen Curry sank 12 record tying 3 pointers, one of which was fired from 32 feet out. The NBA world new that this was a historic game, but the NBA universe wasn't the only ones to notice. Who else noticed? Twitter. Yes, you read that correctly! Twitter also put up some serious numbers

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3 Ideas To Keep Web Content Fresh

man needing fresh web content

3 Ways to keep fresh web content

We keep on hearing about how important it is to keep websites updated regularly. You say to yourself, “I would update my website, but what is there to update?“ Well, you are in the right place! We are going to look at 3 great sources of fresh web content. Let’s get started…

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The Modern Shopper

image of woman in bed shopping online. Example of the modern shopper

What does the modern shopper look like?  Are they in the shopping malls?  Are they in the big box grocery stores?  Well, the answers to those questions are yes, but they are some where else.  "Where?" you may ask, well try this on for size.  Take a look at the lady in the

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